Meet the young people

Invigor looks after vulnerable young people who require individual support in different aspects of their lives. Support and guidance is provided in order to help the young people achieve, allow children to be children and young adults to mature.

90% of the young people who are looked after, are in care through no fault of their own, Invigor care understands this and therefore strives to ensure all young people are given a chance to excel and succeed.

We aim to achieve this by carefully matching young people to the home, the environment and the people around them, ensuring each individual child is given the best opportunity to be safe, grow in confidence to excel and the ability to explore and learn.

Children and young people living in the home may have a range of emotional and behavioural difficulties. This could mean, but is not limited to, children and young people who are in crisis, whom present with Special Educational Needs (SEN), self- harm, mental health issues, children who have experienced or are at risk of CSE, sexualised behaviours, violence and aggression.